Felix Mulder



Awesome Error Messages for Dotty

One thing that really excites me about being part of the core group of developers working on Dotty is my chance to impact usability. A lot of thought has gone into designing Dotty to be as fast and structurally sound as possible. Now comes the next step - adding a new level of usability for the compiler and the surrounding tools.

Getting into Scaladoc Development

Over the past months I’ve been working on the new Scaladoc - and it’s coming along nicely. Together with @heathercmiller and @vladureche we’ve overhauled the overall look of Scaladoc as well as adding a bunch of useful features - like global member search!

Stacking Futures and Eithers using Monad transformers

In a pet project I’m designing a simple CRUD application for an advert platform using akka-http and slick as the backend. Using Akka for the backend is an interesting experiment, but my initial impression is that this is going to be great.

JSON Conversion for Supertypes using Spray-JSON

When using JSON as the standard response for a project it can become a burden to keep defining implicit vals when working with spray-json.

Re-implementing malloc

This semester at LTH is all about operating systems and implementing effective C programs. In the operating systems course we mainly discuss Linux, but emphasize problems applicable to any OS design.